Verdi business messaging for all Virtual and live messaging services, SMS and email for any business small through to
corporate and government. 

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All sorts of special numbers including state-based routing

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With over 12 years of continual service to small and medium businesses, the crew at Verdi have seen it all. In fact, They have been instrumental in developing systems for emerging groups that required something out of the ordinary.

Government, international companies right down to one man shows have used Verdi services to meet their needs.

Are live messaging or virtual services best for your business

Both of these handle specific parts of the market and have clear advantages depending on need.

In fact, many times we have used a combination of both to meet a client’s need. This provided an ultimate service but at a much better price.

Your business is different to all others and that is why you should get the best advice before selecting a carrier.

In fact, The Verdi Virtual services come with a fourteen-day free trial so you can appreciate the increase in customer harmony before making a decision.

Do message services work

Many of our original customers are still with us after 12 years of service. That said a hell of a lot.
The main factor is the professional image that a good service provides. It is not just a random desktop device that sounds like amateur hour and often answers the wrong way at the wrong time.

We know that customers are important and they want to be treated with respect at all times.