1300 name numbers

Increase your calls with 1300 name numbers

Why Use a name number? 
                                                        Enhanced phone number recall  
It is reputed in Industry research that recall of phone names is over 400% greater than normal numbers. 
In advertising and marketing this is extremely important and the experience in Australia as well as the USA and UK. 
Roy Morgan research indicated that 93% of people were aware of the phone name concept and that the unaided recall of phone names versus phone numbers in advertising was 850% greater. 
In particular, advertising results showed an amazing increase when phone names were used. In one reliable study names, verses numbers showed a 300% increase in performance rates. 
Another study by D & M research in May 2008 indicated that across most media the recall of name numbers are an average 450% greater than recall of a number. 

                                                      Consider Smart numbers in the beginning
How to get a name number? 
Log onto the Australian Government web site and search on your ideas or give us a call at Verdi and we will make your life a lot easier and add our experience to your search. 
What is the cost of a name number? 
Auction amounts start at $250.00 and go up from there to tens of thousands of dollars.
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