1800 Numbers


1800 Numbers


Off the shelf numbers are available across Australia and ready to use within minutes.

                                        Have a National presence

The first Verdi advantage is the ability to live track every call by location, time and date so that you can see where your money is being well spent. 

Change your landing platform (where you receive the call) by your web login instantly. There is no waiting for a carrier to action a request (sometimes up to weeks).You have complete control. Rates for our services are very competitive and include a small monthly fee and call charges. Request a price list now.
Pricing starts at just $10.00 per month plus call charges

                                       Services for just $10.00 month


Why buy a Verdi number?

  *  Web-based dashboard so you make your own changes.
  *  Web-based live call reports by day, week or month. 
  * Geo Routing so your local number goes to the nominated state location.
  * Postcode routing, split up your territory into market size.
  * Time of day Routing, automatically change your answer point by the time of day.
  * IVR service. Answer your calls and have them sent to different locations.


So many benefits that make Verdi 1300 numbers your first choice.

Verdi will also act on your behalf to buy from Smart Numbers at the government Auction site. If you need a special number we can do that for you. Examples are 1800 263333 (Coffee) or perhaps 1800 633423 (office) used as examples only numbers not available.


International Numbers


Verdi has access to free call and Indial numbers available in some of our neighbouring countries.
We are currently operating in New Zealand with numbers available on application.

Set up your Virtual office using these numbers combined with a Verdi message service to collate all call traffic.

                                         Call us now on 1800 116 116        
Call costs explained at the ACMA website