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The many benefits of NBN you may be unaware of.

First of all, we must remember that NBN is only a carrier and does not sell retail plans. It wholesales its service to the retailers Like Telstra, Optus, IINet, Vonex etc.

The next issue is that the ...
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What do we do at Verd1

How a book changed our View of business and what we do at Verdi

I was reading a book the other day on Business. I like to get new ideas and ways to better market for myself and to share. The book by ...
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New business on line

For any small or medium business the need to understand what is happening on the internet is a must know and not you should no. Things are changing so fast that it requires a lot of time to try and ke ...
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100+ Home business ideas

As I work with small businesses every day I thought I would write a short eBook on business ideas. We ended up with 69 pages filled with ideas and things you should do to make them work.

I have worke ...
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Many people wonder how the NBN will affect message services when similar products may be available in the purchased product.

The National broadband network comes in many different options and those o ...
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