Newsletter March 2015

Dear ,
Verdi Virtual call is a new product launch for those wanting a virtual telephone presence in other states. A low cost compromise for marketing contact.
New product 
Virtual calls
Making calls interstate and showing your home state code often brands you as a one state carrier promoting a lower level of acceptance and parochial selection.
To get around this phobia blocking numbers has proven entirely unsatisfactory as the pick up rate declines rapidly when using this method.

It could be proven that the use of a local number will increase the acceptance rate of sales and commercial calls and whilst it has been available to bigger companies Verdi now bring the opportunity to small business providers.
Local presence
For just $20 a month plus call costs you can dial interstate and produce a local Calling line identity ( CLI ) to any local or mobile phone.
An example is calling from Sydney into say Perth the receiver will see a Perth 08 number recognised as a local call for this purpose.
This is not for everyone but those wanting this presence should see a remarkably increase in client acceptance.

The intention is not to deceive, as Virtual offices and dialing have been part of the business environment for many years with larger organizations, but as a marketing tool 
to obtain first contact negotiations.
Special feature
One of the problems with a service like Verdi virtual calls is the ability to use the number for reply telephone calls. The Verdi service covers this with return call delivery to any nominated number or message service depending on your selection. Time of day changes can also be incorporated to cover time zone changes and work day operations.
Exclusive use.
You nominate who can use the outbound service and also have full live dashboard review of all call activity and downloadable reporting facility by day, week and Month.
For those with a need this is an excellent opportunity to increase your marketing contact.

Peter Hanley