New business on line

For any small or medium business the need to understand what is happening on the internet is a must know and not you should no. Things are changing so fast that it requires a lot of time to try and ke ...
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Holiday message

When special occasions happen you need a special message to let customers know what you are doing.

Examples are extended closing over Christmas and Easter and Public holidays that vary from state to ...
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Dial through products

Verdi  Business messaging  introduces   

  Through dial products including

Doctor Dial       Marketing Dial       Real Estate dial   Anyone dial

There are many times when you need to dial a contact ...
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Changing on-call personal

After hours call out feature for Battery World and others.
Use id and password.
  1. Contacts
My phones
Populate this and save.
This is the list of personnel you will dr ...
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How to do things SMS Broadcast

How to do a Broadcast Verdi / Message-media.

Used for marketing, Information, invitation or to quickly address a group.

  1. The rules and regulations, you can not Spam but you can contact customers
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Logging into the Verdi backend

Now you are on Verdi what to do?
Verdi messaging is an interactive site that allows you to review and control most daily activities and make simple changes.
To login to your page go to www.verdi.n ...
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