Customer profile for messaging

We are often asked what sort of business would use a message service. Our answer is pretty standard and it revolves around anyone that gets phone calls.
It is true that one call may be worth a thousand dollars  or more when you are marketing high priced items.  Plus lower priced products with regular billing that can really add up over the years.

A lifetime customer will bring in tens of thousands of dollars in income over time and that customer  is easily missed in one call.

Calls come at all times of the day.

You can't possibly take calls 24/7 so you need to organize assistance during those times. Furthermore clients need to know when you will be available next and what other steps they can take.

Do you want to automatically attend the calls
There is always press number options to achieve different things with different calls.
Press 1 for emergencies. call sent to mobile phone
Press 2 for accounting.    email taken 
Press 3 for sales   now press 1 For Brian to mobile
                                              2 For Cedric email taken
Phone booking services after hours, call transferred to a live operator.

All businesses need a backup service

When every call is important the income can be easily be mortised to the small expense.