Do you miss phone calls?

The answer is yes.

If you are not missing phone calls you are either overstaffed or under treated with leads and calls.

I like many of you ran a four ring theme on answering calls. if the phone was not picked up a cry would go out from everyone in the office saying in an urgent manner " pick up the phone will someone".

I recognised the value of phone calls and telephone answering and was demonic in my attitude.

When we installed the Verdi service as a customer I was more surprised than anyone, we missed calls and we missed them during the day.
 I believe that perhaps we go deaf sometimes to a constant pattern of noise when our concentration is focussed away from the surroundings.

I rang a new client the other day, someone I knew could use our service because of the industry, location and business size.
I explained what we do as an overflow call handling service and how he would naturally miss calls.

 His reply was quite abrupt, perhaps he was having a bad day but he challenged me with facts, how many staff he had, how good they were, how they had to answer in four rings or they would be sacked.

I did not want to get into an argument but suggested I could prove him wrong and to say I poked the bear was an understatement. We parted the phone call with an understanding I would not waste his time again.

Next call was a guy that had the same sort of approach but he listened. He took the challenge to try the service but said don'ty tell the staff at this time as I don't want to change the rhythm of taking calls.

The answer was three to four calls a day, every day, "well blow me down you win" he said and I, in my most humble manner, said No Sir You win, those calls are sales you were missing.

At times we just need to listen to learn.

Peter Hanley