The best message service in Autralia

Who is the best messaging service in Austarlia?

The answer is really very simple in that it does exactly what you want and when you want it.
You have many choices these days however we find most of them lacking.

Every business is different so having an off the shelf product means adapting to what is supplied. However
close enough is not good enough because every message is important.

At Verdi messaging we really are a boutique provider of services to suit what you want.

We start at a virtual service to take calls when you can't.
Then we can add auto attendant for those wanting more.
After hours support services with SMS follow may be needed
Finally adding a live component for those conversational calls

Furthermore we can throw in a telephone number

State based with diversion to Head Office
1800-1300-13  numbers
Fixed mobile numbers that go to email

These numbers can be used any where at any time. Your webpage , calling cards
or any advertising literature


Special Holiday periods
Sometimes you just have to have a break and we do recommend a bit of R&R 
to rekindle the flames.
Therefore holiday packages are all included in your service or short term services also

The cost of a missed call is unknown
We often muse about this at Verdi because it is really underestimated. Amid the rubbish 
come pearls of income that can make a difference to your annual activities.
However you never know just where they have gone unless you have a service that tracks
every incoming call and tells you.

Contact us now and take a test run of a service to suit you
1800 116 116