Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



I don’t miss any calls; I have multiple lines and numerous staff, why do I need your service?

This is why we offer you a trial so you can assess our system for yourself, to see how many calls, if any, are being missed and at what time of day. If your staff are in the middle of closing a sale and the phone starts ringing, you can confidently say “it’s ok someone else will get that” and know that they will. The phone will not ring incessantly distracting you, your staff or your customer. With Verdi you will have the opportunity to call those potential customers back. If you are not missing any or many calls the trial will bear this out.

Is Verdi a live answering service?

Verdi is a virtual answering service, your business will have its own personalised message recorded by you or organised by us. It will clearly identify your business and your opening and closing times if required. In fact, the message can say exactly what you want it to say consistently.
Verdi does offer a live option for those wanting something more personal. 


What can I expect if something goes wrong?

At Verdi we have power back up and duplicate systems all aimed at eliminating down time from our end. Should you have a power failure or phone system problem we will continue to take messages for any calls that you can’t answer. We will email these to you once your services have been restored, but importantly you can go to your personal web portal to view all activity from any location with computer and web access.

Will there be someone to help if I have any problems?

Yes, we have trained staff to help you over the phone.

What calls will be picked up?

Verdi only answers the calls that you can’t get too. If you’re in the office answering the calls we won’t interfere. With Verdi your customers will never have to hear a busy tone again.

Do I have to remind my staff to turn Verdi on and off each day?

Verdi is fully automated; once you activate the diversion codes it will run until the diversions are removed. Just check your emails to see what calls are being missed.


What about answering machines or message bank 101?

These products, generally used in the home, are unnecessary when using Verdi and should be turned off or disconnected.

Can I turn off my Auto Attendant now?

Yes you can, Auto Attendant answers calls and puts them on hold until your staff are ready to take the call, Verdi answers the call and invites the customer to leave a message so that they can get on with their own busy day and you can call them back when you are free.

I have messages on hold, will Verdi affect this?

No, calls are only put on hold if you answer them and put them on hold. We only answer calls you can’t get to so Verdi will not interfere with your hold music or messages.

Can I divert to a mobile phone after hours?

Yes you can, call forward immediate takes priority over other set diversions. When you remove call forward immediate your existing diversions are still in place and become active immediately.

Can I have my messages sent to more than 1 email address?

Yes you can, all Verdi plans have up to 3 email addresses.

Can I change my message for different occasions?

Yes, at Verdi we have a facility called message rotation; this allows you to have different messages by time of day, day of week, etc and it’s all automated. We have customers that have a special message for their weekly staff meeting. You can also record your own messages, so you can change your message at any time to include a special offer, occasion or an unexpected absence.

I have more than one phone line; will you answer all my calls?

By entering the diversion codes on your main line Verdi will answer any calls to that number and any calls that hunt through your numbers using line hunt. If you have individual lines you will need to enter the codes into all of the lines that you want to come to us. Most businesses have line hunt though, so it’s only something to think about if you have more than one company in the one office with different advertised or main numbers

Can I turn Verdi off if I don’t like it?

You’re in control, you put the diversion codes in, and you can turn them off at any time.

Will I be tied into a long term contract?

No most Verdi services work on a monthly basis, if however you choose our budget package we do ask for a three month commitment.

What about management reports?

Your web based access gives you full reporting by time, day month for all call activity live.

Is it really obligation free?

Yes it really is obligation free. Here at Verdi we want the service to work for you. If you aren’t missing the calls or the calls you are receiving aren’t of any value then we are happy to go our separate ways knowing that you can come back at any time in the future if your needs or circumstances change.

What are my payment options?

At Verdi we accept direct debit to either a credit card or a nominated bank account. Direct Debits are done through Ezidebit and incur a $1.10 finance fee per invoice – this fee is not included on your invoice. Credit cards we debit in house and currently absorb the fees.

Other than Messaging services what does Verdi Do?
1300 and 1800 Numbers 
SMS Services
Fax to email and email to fax services.
Telephone line billing
Virtual Call
Survey IVR