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There are many times when you need to dial a contact or customer and show a professional
telephone face to the business. This may be calling interstate or calling local contacts.
Using through dial allows complete phone number privacy for mobile of fixed numbers
at all times.

Through dial is part of the Verdi business messaging bundle of products and whilst it is part of a normal
Verdi service it can be arranged as a standalone product
We supply you with a capital city telephone number to which nominated phones can dial. On
answering you simply dial the number you wish to speak to, the call is transferred showing the nominated capital city number and a normal conversation is completed. Should it be a missed call the client can dial back to that number and the call will be delivered to your selected answer point or message service.

Whilst the procedure is uncomplicated and even technically easy it is highly effective in call recognition and answering increasing your chance of a face to face call by a huge percentage.

 A few example of the application are:

A doctor calls patients after hours and does not want to display personal mobile and home phone numbers that can be subject to later misuse.

A marketing company calling interstate shows a local number presence on the calls thus increasing acceptance

A real Estate company after hour’s rental consultant is protected in the misuse of their number.

A credit manager uses through dial to navigate call answering by disguising his Mobile number
and increasing call acceptance.

An overseas company uses the technology to mask the international connection when calling clients.

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Who is Verdi business messaging?
We are an Australian company operating across all states and providing a range of services in the small to medium business community through to Corporate and Government. Our main company was established in 1994 with the Verdi service included in 2005 providing a long and strong history of involvement in the telecommunications industry.

Author is Peter Hanley MD of Select Consulting Pty Ltd
 a 30 plus year veteran of the messaging industry