How to do things SMS Broadcast

How to do a Broadcast Verdi / Message-media.

Used for marketing, Information, invitation or to quickly address a group.

  1. The rules and regulations, you can not Spam but you can contact customers for information around products bought. ( rough guide) Link
  2. Each message must contain a customer opt out and be fixed. We use press S to stop and manually remove them.  
                      Ok on with the real stuff
You need to register with Verdi for a service and get log in details.
Your list
The list is everything and is valuable property so treat it well. We have found the best way is in Excel spreadsheet using CSV format.
Column 1 . Your phone numbers,          heading   “numbers.”
All numbers must start with a leading zero; sometimes a bit of an issue but it is easy Number in a column, zero in next  column, press fx key (between B_C ) Concatenate fill in your boxes and you have a number, remember this bit, copy new number, go to column 1, paste special, values nd there you have it, delete the work up .
Column two Could be  “first name”    column heading, “first name” and on as you wish, Save as CSV file.

Your message
You have 160 characters to work with so a bit of planning is necessary particularly as you must end with an opt out like press s to stop, you can add names if you wish  but Dear Jonathon would take 13 of the message total so think if it is necessary.
When you have an idea of what you want to say log in and load your message and follow the prompts on message length.
Important , if you go over 160 characters , and you can, it is an additional message plus
If you ask for a acceptance it is an additional message cost as well.
It may be good to set up a template for repeat messages and there is lots of training on the site..
Expect  Instant action, SMS works almost from the time you press go
Your review
Check your opt outs or messages returned and action them all
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