Logging into the Verdi backend

Now you are on Verdi what to do?
Verdi messaging is an interactive site that allows you to review and control most daily activities and make simple changes.
To login to your page go to www.verdi.net.au (or back to home page) and hit the log in button.
You will be asked for a User Name and Password if you don’t have either of these contact Verdi for an update.
Lots of buttons but let’s keep it simple, for you and start easy.
Reports (top left)   
This provides a list of all traffic to your site. You can search by Day, week month or selected period by product, Call reports, out bound SMS; email Detail provides an overview of the call stats. You can block unwanted numbers
Advanced report
Click on advanced report, Call reports, date or period. Report format, web or CSV download the CSV report gives you all details that you can sort and view as you wish on your computer. Change the order, print or email it’s yours to do with, what you want.
Next we move to the
This gives you a list of all messages left with details a listen and a resend button.
This gives your User name, Your Verdi exclusive phone number and your plan. By going into edit and depending on your plan.
  • You can change trading hours
  • Change or add email addresses
  • Direct your service to a mobile or another landline
  • Upload and change your recorded message to suit an occasion
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