new business online

New business on line

For any small or medium business the need to understand what is happening on the internet is a must know and not you should no. Things are changing so fast that it requires a lot of time to try and keep up.
The Social Media platform is an example. FaceBook regularly does upgrades and the latest darlings of businesses are both Instagram and Twitter.
If you are not in you are not on to use an old saying.
Websites using WordPress have seen a massive change with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg.
To combat this I have a Blog site specifically directed at training for your new business called www.New Business

Here we have over 150 articles on small business marketing activities and how to obtain new business.
The site is not there to sell to you, in fact, it consistently recommends the best free products to drive your business ahead.

So click into new business online now and have a look at some of the titles or search for a subject that interest you.

Best Messaging is important but so is the
best marketing.

We consistently advise on email marketing SMS marketing and other new ideas.