Do newsletters work

Newsletters (They make a difference)
As you read this my 6th in the introduction to business marketing you are probably thinking could you do a newsletter for your business.
The answer is yes you can and definately you should.
A newsletter is not about selling. it is about awareness and entertainment and maintaing a know and trust association.
Businesses that use Newsletters are generally ones achieving a better level of support and sales activity
This is just one of the seven touches to a client that must be maintained over time.
I get them from all walks of life and keep up to date with many ideas
My preffered supplyer is Constant Contact because it is easy to do and you get results.
By laying out a plan over 12 months with ideas it is easy to follow through on an hour of time to achieve a year of acceptace.
I recently wrote about this in my daily blog where I talked about formats and ideas to get you started.
The big boys can go pro but the averge small business can do it themselves
Verdi is Australias best message service
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Peter Hanley
Verdi messaging
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