Newsletter 1 July 2019

Would you like a brand as big as Manchester United?
The English Soccer team, (sorry football) team touched down in Perth this week and they certainly painted the town red.
People came from all over the world to book a seat at the Perth Stadium and get a glimpse of the stars in a frenzy of activity.
That, my friends, is a Brand loyalty we could all wish for.
My question is how a local business can build a brand that develops a following.
Your answer is in the Know, Like and Trust formula that is built overtime.
You can do this in many ways but the easy answer is in contact, regular contact in a standard that will be remembered and one day will stay with the buyer.
Brand is not instant and sales not forever but together they offer a powerful contribution to your success.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails, newsletters, SMS all contribute to the jigsaw and cost very little to accomplish Here.
Even the way you answer the phone talks about your brand and that is why Verdi messaging goes a long way to providing a consistency that will carry the brand forward.
You don't want to attract a world audience but your market is your world and you need to be dominant.
Peter Hanley