Omni channel marketing

A simple way to increase sales up to 40% by making a change to your marketing.
Just when you thought life was getting easier, the Gurus floated a new marketing term.
Omnichannel marketing v Multi Channel Marketing. What is best for you?
For some time we have been told to diversify and spread our marketing out to ten touches this being the new way forward.
Now they change the rules and tell us to focus in a single direction, the customer experience.
This has proven to increase sales and more importantly ensure customer retention.
The large retail end of town is now doing Omnichannel marketing; so should you?
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One sure sign that this is growing is the number of paid ads topping a Google search, they all want to take your money so, learn before you drive
Staying in front of the Internet activity is something we must do and that is why I bring you the latest ideas for your business.
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Peter Hanley