Scam alert

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Scams and your business
It seems this is the season for a lot of online scams
While you may be savvy some of your staff may not be so well trained.
The latest was an invoice for a known local company. Correct heading, correct details everything Kosha except they asked me to update my banking details.
One of the telltales is usually the return email address from the top of the page. It will not bear any relationship to the company and be a Yahoo or Hotmail type address.
They take pot luck that you may recognise the company and act on the information, in fact, I have had these from several different companies over the past month.
I am lucky because my list of creditors is minimal so anything out of normal is suspect.
Your staff may act on these even with the best of intentions and you could get hurt.
Set up strict procedures and train them on responsibility
They do work or they would not keep it up so don't you be the one.
ps. Yes I did advise the company what was happening and they had no idea.
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Kind regards
Peter Hanley
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