1300 numbers and saving

This is number two in the series of  five special product releases by Verdi business messaging
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1300 numbers Bill shock and best use.
We have been working hard to get the best 1300/1800 package on the market
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FAQs Answered by the Pros

Where can 1300 numbers be answered?
 As 1300 numbers are not lines you can point them at your main office number, a mobile number or even a message service.
Who uses 1300 numbers?
Operating interstate, Marketing interstate, service numbers, special project numbers, single product number, name numbers. 
Are they free call numbers?
The simple answer is no except in one small element of 1800 numbers but because of overseas marketing it is often presumed.
Can you change where it is answered by time of day?
 At Verdi messaging all our numbers come with time of day diversion and even state based routing.
Can I make changes to my service?
 Yes live changes can be made at any time with Verdi but this does not apply to every carrier.
Can I review my calls?
Checking on your traffic is absolutely a part of the live Verdi service and we believe one of the most important aspects of a 1300 service.
How do I save money on these numbers?
 Another big one. Local number diversion is the cheapest and Mobile diversion      the dearest so manage your locations carefully. We will work with you on ways to minimize costs.
Can I change carriers with 1300 numbers if I am not happy?
Mostly the answer is yes except when you are renting numbers at a premium or they are carrier restricted.