Covid19 and working from home

I am getting asked about working from home and the best way to achieve a professional result.
This will vary between a one-man business and an office of a hundred but I shall give you some options
The first thing is to have a plan and not panic. Worrying does not fix things actions do.
Diverting all calls to a single mobile phone may have problems.
User stress
Call overload
Quality issue
Call failure
For one local operation, all calls go to Verdi
press 1 for emergencies (calls go to a mobile)
press 2 for all other matters. Leave a message and we shall call back.
Only emergency calls are attended live and all other emails are shared with the appropriate staff
And another;
Larger operations wanted more;
Due to covid-19 we are currently working from home
If you have the mobile number of the person please call them directly
or choose one of the following options
Press 1 for accounts message taken and emailed
2 for consultants. press 1 for A-G
2 for HP
3 for Q-Z in all cases email taken and sent to an individual for sorting
4 for unknown (probably new business consider mobile or email)
3 for emergencies goes to a mobile
What are the benefits of a Verdi Virtual Service
A) No call queuing ever
B) After hours it can convert to a basic leave a message service
C) Call tracking Dashboard and traffic download for management control
D) A consistent approach that delivers results
E) Low cost.
These are difficult times and your business needs to survive in a world of 1.5 meters.
Since we are a menu building system we will find a service that suits your required model .
Stay healthy and united to weather the storm and return to calmer days.
Peter Hanley
Tomorrow will be about setting up a fax service
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