Newsletter April re website

Launching our new website

So what? Well you might ask!
First of all it has access to the customer back office a unique advantage of the Verdi service. Change details 
download reports, update users etc.

Just yesterday I thought I should check call traffic this year V last year and was happy to see it was up but also found a tweak to get better use out of my 1800 number. Even I can learn along the way, you do tend to forget your own backyard.

Every Verdi customer has live access to the dashboard via secure login.

Love our Blog and want to be part of it?
First up you naturally need to be a Verdi customer to be on our page so why not take a free trial and see what Verdi can do for you. We provide a hot link and some nice words.This helps with your website SEO and perhaps even some business.  Blog Page
 Verdi is not a one product company and you may be unaware of the extensive telecommunications range that we offer across a wide spectrum of needs.

Our latest is Virtual dial, we, think a Verdi first on the market. One interesting user is a medical specialist that occasionally has to call patients after hours and does not want to give out the private phone number. As a Verdi user we just added Virtual call to there normal service. Virtual call
Due to a high volume of International enquiries we have also added products that can be used any where in the world and that target and support our market demographic of small to medium business. International

The web product
The product I have used at Wohola provides the opportunity to change
any part of the site myself so that continuous enhancements can be made, live. This is important to me as Verdi is dynamic and we are constantly upgrading our products and range and we want to stay right up to date at all times. It is designed to be mobile friendly with a hot telephone button, press to call.

OK we also have some great Web companies on our books that do excellent work so if you want local let me know and I shall point you the right way.

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