Newsletter July-15

How much money is left on the table?
Do you know what business you are missing out on?

How much money is left on the table?


Business is all about sales, Sales feed the cash monster to pay the bills
and hopefully, at the end of the day, there is some left over.

Let's not get confused with the word sales, it may be a widget, a tooth repair, 
your time, in fact anything that promotes an income

Sales are generated when people walk in, telephone in or these days Internet in 
making life easier for you.

How many people walk in then walk out because they can't get served, the boss would go ape if this happened but believe me it's an everyday occurrence in many businesses.


The same can be said for telephone calls, how many don't get answered?

At Verdi we know the answer to your missed calls, every day, every time and what's
more we tell you immediately so you can recover the opportunity.


Don't believe us? That's why we give you a free trial, we are not afraid to put our 
offer front and centre because we know in most cases it works to produce income
and increased communication for you.


We will tell you how much money is left on the table from telephone calls, you need 
to watch for the walk outs and monitor the emails to achieve a high success in Gain.


So many people say to me "we just don't miss calls" and then after the trial so many say to me "we would never have believed it"

Would you be willing to try us out and prove me wrong?

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About "Telephone Answering"
Verdi launches new product to the market
Verdi business messaging have recently introduced Dial through calling where your number and privacy is shielded from the public. Dial product here
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