Newsletter May-15

When cost cutting, implement cost saving

We all know things are tough at the moment, right across most industries and it is time for belt tightening.
Reduce overtime, cut back on trading hours, implement a system of time saving, get rid of anything that does not turn to money.
Having proper quoting software (Quote Works) can streamline a process as with Online accounting, (MYOB or Xero) means work from home opportunities.
We use to share diaries and information so documents are available on line from anywhere and anytime, it's a cloud world out there as more and more work from home because of needs or wants.
Find other useful changes to make life easier and save time and wasted labour.
FAQs; Answered

Is Verdi messaging a cost or an income producer?
Customers remain the principal focus of your business and attending there needs 
should be your number one priority. They may be a pain and a distraction and we would all like customer free days but they still stand at the top of the pyramid as the reason you are in business.
Having a message service provides that support when demanded by increased activity or closed times. Customers love attention and with Verdi messaging that is always possible as you will never miss a call.
Would you like to try this for two weeks for free?
ps, The answer is we generate income at a very low cost.
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