Telephone answering in the tyre industry

Telephone answering for the

Tyre industry



It is extremely difficult in any business to answer every call during a busy day. 

As a Tyre service this is magnified many times. As an owner, sales or counter

person you are pulled in many directions, often at one time.


You need to go out to the customer vehicle and check and kick the tyres.

You need to roll that spare through to the workshop.

You need to attend to the guy at the counter with the cheque book in his hand
that keeps trying to pay you as you answer yet another phone call.

You need to check if the customer car is finished or estimate a time and 

call them  back.


We Understand


We understand a little of what you are going through because we have worked

in messaging for many years and with Tyre services since day one.

As a premium message service we also recognise that cost control is at the top of

your list and that is why we started virtual messaging.


It was not all easy, we made mistakes and we had to modify what we do. 

If we answer to early it creates more work, if we answer to late you lose

 important business, we need to craft a message that will solicit a response

and we need to train your people to manage the calls in the most appropriate way.


The buying customer deserves your focus


It is important to focus on the customer you have in front of you, or perhaps

on the phone, and give them your total energy without diverting your attention

to all those other pop-ups and distractions.


The solution is to have a backup telephone answering and messaging system that

you can rely on every time. 
Imagine if you will, the place is going ballistic, people at the counter, people

waiting to be served and yet another phone call comes in. Is it a telemarketer

from India, the tyre fitters girlfriend or Head office wanting to chat?

I believe the solution is to fix that which you can control in the here and now

and attend to the overflow in the next quiet moments.

You will close more sales, have considerably less stress in your life 

and have satisfied customers that get the attention they deserve.


The solution


Our basic message service will provide you everything you need at a price that

anyone can afford. We will show you the way with a free trial so that you can 

appreciate the extra time you have in a day and the control over your activities

that will generate extra business