E-Mail to Fax

The Verdi Business Fax to email and email to fax service!

Fax Services

Send faxes from any computer

Using the Verdi Email to Fax service is just so simple, We provide you with your personalised email address, you attach a document and press send and a fax somewhere in the world is received.

Call fees apply

A part of your
Verdi Service

Every Verdi messaging service can have an email to fax service attached and pay just the standard call out rates.
Just ask your Verdi contact to attach it to any messaging, 1300 or virtual dial service 

Part of the service



Have a record

Your web-based service holds all the records for review at any time

Low cost

Email to Fax

No standing around waiting to feed pages, no jamming, No Ink problems, no waste paper and have a fax centre on every desk

PDF Storage

Multiple faxes

Fax broadcast is available   

Why use a Verdi Fax service because it’s Virtual!

Never Busy 

It saves you money and time That’s right we supply an email address and you do the rest.  Faxes go straight to the fax number every time.

Never Busy



Track your traffic on your web portal with all relevant send and And receive details; who sent the fax, what time, what date and what happened i.e. received, hang up not a fax call etc.Have a fax on every desk to personalise the service. Have a 1300 Number around Australia to give you a national presence. Store your documents without leaving the desk and delete the junk Mail, review a document and return and even apply a signature.

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