Disaster Broadcast

Disaster Broadcast
One call many recipients on any devise
Their are times that require contact with a variety of individuals immediately and with a variety of communications media.

The Verdi Disaster broadcast is an ideal vehicle for any situation requiring instant action.
The service starts with setting up your outbound template as you choose your members and how they will receive a call, fixed phone, Mobile phone even email and SMS
Next you choose who can call and whether pin codes or override authority is necessary.
                                      Hospital, Factory, Office, Stadium                                                           
eg; A hospital in a  fringe area  experiences both power cuts, isolated staff  and often the threat of violence from patients and family.
Designated numbers are able to call the verdi service and load a message, ( hot key on phone system)  the message is immediately dispatched to both internal persons and external support who are immediately alerted and can act accordingly. Calls go to Fixed phones (eg: Police) Mobile phones and email addresses.
A Full review for post situation is available showing who was called , who answered, and what actions were taken.
                                       Metro area , whole of state.
This works equally well in wide area situations and has been used for several years by a major disaster response group.
Monthly rates are kept at a minimum to encourage consistent adoption  with call charges applied only on use.
                                      Include Police, Ambulance, Emergency services

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