NBN network and phone systems

NBN and phone systems

The Australian NBN network is rolling out very quickly so what does this mean to you?
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Will your Verdi business messaging service work on the NBN? It sure will and it will continue to provide a superior service to any other medium.
You have no choice in moving your voice traffic to the NBN after it is connected in your area.
The choice you do have is the carrier that provides the service. With hundreds of carriers to chose from we set out to make it very easy by defining all the rules. tricks and obligations at Fig-solutions

Connecting your phone system to the NBN can be achieved in several ways dependant on your hardware.
VOIP  compatible systems can connect directly to SIP connections.
Older style systems may need to use an analogue device for each line to SIP Connections
 Changing to a cloud-based system is all the rage and will offer many opportunities. Hosted systems.