Telephone call Savings

Telephone call savings

                                       The best carrier selection for you

Fixed packages, VOIP packages, Phone and line packages are all available on request
Every business is different and every carrier provides solutions that can be tailored to
suit your business. Be it Telstra, Optus or commander we can advise on the best situation
for your business.

                                                 Service and support

 We recognise that Price is not everything and that service and support are paramount
to every business and that is at the forefront of any decision.
Our 30 years experience is available to you.
                                                 Huge savings.

See how we saved Colin nearly $300 a month on PSTN calls and Melissa $400 a month on ISDN as an example of great savings.
Paul went to a hosted service with nearly 20 extensions and saved thousand in set up and on-going cost. Hosted systems.

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