Verdi Survey

Verdi survey, something a bit different

Survey IVR is a powerful way of collecting customer and employee feedback, market research
results and clinical trial information quickly and easily without the typical high cost and

Automated survey IVRs are set up in just a few minutes through the intuitive on-line interface
then activated for the period you require.
Hosted in our Telco grade cloud network ensures your surveys have the calling
capacity and reliable performance required for these important customer facing tasks.

Where Survey IVR can help

Contact Centre - Post-call IVR surveys allow your customers to speak for themselves, driving
service improvements based on today’s feedback rather than yesterday’s issues.
Employee Feedback – Your staff are the front line to your business hence collecting their
feedback any time of the day or night assists with your business strategies and staff retention.
Research Feedback – Whether it’s collecting results of market research or clinical trials,
offering an automated IVR phone access method is important to make it easy for participants,
and critical where you want to capture recorded voice answers from callers.
All pricing on application.

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