Virtual dial for the medical Profession

Virtual Dial Product

For Doctors, Specialists and those that are on-call
Keep your mobile phone and home phone number private
The virtual dial service allows you to show the calling identity as a local telephone number using any pre-registered phone, mobile or fixed.
There are many circumstances where a unique calling ID can position the caller in a superior position of strength and privacy. You show a valid local number that can be return called to your selected location.

An example:

A hospital calls a specialist after hours re a patient needing verbal contact. The specialist is hesitant to give out their mobile number so uses the Verdi Virtual dial service to present a local phone number to the patient and have the conversation.                                                                                    
The patient can return a call to that number but the call will be delivered to your choice of surgery, message service or even locum service.  To any destination of your choosing.   

Virtual dial can be used at any time and by any nominated subscriber coming from home phones or mobile phones. One medical centre can use the same service for every doctor or have multiple services.
You simply dial your supplied Verdi number, through dial your client number and have a normal conversation, your personal Verdi number is displayed to the client.
This comes with any Verdi message service but can be paid at just $20 a month plus call charges. No contracts. One time set up fee. Message service extra; local calls $0.30 for 5 minutes and calls to mobile at $0.50 min
Can your medical centre be without a Verdi Dial Service?

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