7 ways to save on 1300 numbers

The top seven ways to save money on 1300 numbers

Most people don't realise how expensive 1300 numbers can be, with some companies being hit with whopping bills that they weren't expecting.

Telecommunications expert Peter Hanley said he's seen businesses receive "surprise" phone bills that have run into the thousands, thanks to hidden costs and unexpected operating fees.

"I remind people all the times that these numbers are not fixed lines, they're just numbers, and they can be moved and used in many ways".

"Due to a lack of planning you will often pay premium rates for calls that could be better handled by your carrier."

"The most expensive bills are usually caused by high mobile phone rates, the calls are timed and both the owner of the 1300 number and the caller end up paying too much for the call".

"With a bit of planning many costs can be minimised" said Peter Hanley.

Tips for reducing your phone bill include:

*Use time of day routing; using local number diversion after hours can be free.

*Use state based routing; channel your interstate calls to a local based service
* Use a message service; having a message service takes your calls and you respond at times to suit, you can save a lot of money.

* Combine all three routing services; State, time of day and a message service to
  provide a very workable solution

*Offer an alternative local number; State based numbers are cheaper that your paid numbers in operating costs.

* IVR routing; have your calls attended and then dispersed to locations that best handles the caller. You can also include Time of day and a message service in this.

*Shop around; Carriers all have different prices so get a full price list to compare costs.
Mr. Hanley said that by packaging your call handling, significant savings can be achieved with increased efficiency.

All call costs are coming down but 1300 costs are going up, so it is important to manage your phone bill.

Business owners who want further details on how best to package their 1300/1800 can contact Peter Hanley at Verdi business messaging.

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