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24 August 2015

Overseas Telemarketers Ruining Business Opportunities by Flouting Australian Laws

Overseas telemarketers are ignoring Australian Telecommunications laws by refusing to use caller ID putting local businesses at a disadvantage with less people likely to answer their call.

Telecommunications expert Peter Hanley has found that an increasing number of telephone calls with blocked or interstate numbers were coming from overseas, in particular calling about telephone line upgrades.
"Many people now refuse to answer calls that they don't know or are not in their contact list," Mr Hanley said.
"This is making it increasingly hard for local businesses to go to market particularly if operating interstate," he said.
"ACMA rules dictate that a calling number display is shown on all marketing calls but overseas operations are flouting these regulations."
"Operating from massive call centres they are capable of telephoning thousands of people per hour, exaggerating the problem and creating a telephone block."
"I was in a customer's premises recently when the owner operator looked at the caller ID and simply hung up stating 'another bloody telemarketer'."
"This makes it more difficult for local business, particularly those marketing interstate to reach a client and provide a real service delivery."
Mr Hanley said that businesses with this particular issue could benefit from doing the following.
  • Always show your caller ID: It is best to consolidate to your main advertised number.
  • Never block your number: This will put you in the same bin as the rogue marketers
  • Avoid peak call times particularly 4-5 pm and lunch times: This seems to be the time of maximum call activity. Interestingly this follows state based times.
  • Obtain a local call through number: Verdi business messaging provides a service to show a legal local access.
Mr Hanley said that the overseas telemarketing calls tended to come at certain times of the day.
"This creates receiver frustration and increased hang ups."
"If Australian businesses want to get back on an even playing field, they need to use local number identification on all of their calls."
Business owners who wanted more detail on the laws can visit: or call 1800 116 116
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