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24 August 2015
How Doctors Can Protect Their Privacy While Still Being Available After Hours
A doctor’s privacy is important but sometimes it’s essential to be able to contactable by a patient.

Peter Hanley, managing director of Verdi business messaging said he has come up with a way to allow patients to call their doctor 24 hours a day without giving them access to the personal phone numbers.
“Until now doctors were reticent to give out their numbers because of patient misuse and overuse, but in some cases, they had no choice,” said Mr Hanley.
“The service protects the personal contact information by masking their original phone number and replacing it with a special landline number,” he said.
" I developed this service after a personal experience - my wife needed urgent attention after surgery and it was difficult to get in contact with her surgeon.”
"The hospital took our call, and transferred us to his number, but it took a lot of time and it would have helped to have a number to call or message throughout the night.”
Mr Hanley's service is now being used by medical specialists around the country, desperate to overcome the limitations in number privacy.
Mr Hanley said that medical practitioners could benefit in maintaining communications by:
* Using a masking service that supplies a local telephone number. No private numbers are displayed at any time.
* Allow calls back to that number. These calls can be delivered to your point of choice
* Have a record of all calls in case of later dispute. Just in case
*Use the number from any pre-planned phone. Includes Mobile phones, fixed phones or even from remote locations.
*Supply the operating number to hospitals and other staff members for their use.
*Make changes on line: doctors can easily divert their calls to an on-call personal
Mr Hanley was confident that his system provided the industry an alternative to the traditional method of telephone calling.
A senior Sydney based Specialist who uses the service said that the system has made it easier for her patients to get in contact with her, while ensuring complete privacy at all times.”
Practitioners that wanted more details on this service could visit the web page 

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