Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

                                  Instant income system 

This is the delivery of a number of the same message to a range of mobile phones. Used to keep your customers informed of changes or events, for seminar reminders, emergency procedures and lots more.
Marketing advantages are many with a bulk dispatch of messages. The action is almost instant as most messages are read and actioned straight away.


                            Not sure quite how to do it?

At Verdi, we provide both a managed service and self use service using downloadable files and template message dispatch. Bulk rates apply on application. SMS by Name, number or even product and download lists easily at any time with call tracking and opt out facilities.
SMS is the leading low cost method of client aquasition in the market today and we would love to show you more. Here


(N.B.. Australian Government Anti Spam laws apply for all or any unsolicited mail.)  Info Here