Inbound fixed Number SMS

Inbound fixed number SMS

                                           An absolute must for most businesses

Providing your customers with an SMS number they can use to contact you by SMS offers an enhanced degree of communication.
Ours is the mobile society that is not restricted by hours or location. The new generation live on a phone and SMS is a way of life.

                                                    The new generation live on a mobile phone

Messages go straight to your designated point that receives and handles the situation. Confirmation reply are also available  where
a return message is automatically sent with your selected words, eg, "Your appointment will be cancelled, don't forget to call and rebook regards Joe Dentist"
You can use it for general use, or specific purposes like service, bookings etc, 

                                                    The way of this generation

This service can be used with an escalation service Read More

If you want a truly national service you can use a 1300 number with a fax number and a fixed mobile number to provide complete coverage.

                                                    Call now to 1800 116 116