After hours virtual office

After hours virtual office

It is often the case where you need the phones attended after hours and with Verdi you have many options.
1) Where you have interstate offices simply divert the phones to the other office for that time of day. This is particularly so with Daylight saving 3 hours time difference. It is automated so you need to do nothing once it is set up.

2) A system we use often is the Hybrid service. Daytime is a normal overflow message service but at a set time we offer the callers a choice.
Press 1 for enquiries. A message is taken and emailed for next day handling.

Press 2 for after-hours support, the caller is transferred to the on-call person.

3) Daytime is a normal service after-hours to a live support service

4) Escalation service, send an attached SMS with each message that must be answered if not,  the service escalates to the next person.

5) Think up a service you want and try us out. We have improvised some great answering challengers in the past.

A virtual office service is the answer to many problems contact us now