Phone Message Service

Phone Message Service

Using carrier diversions (or a local Verdi number) your calls are sent to Verdi business messaging on no answer or call busy; answered in your name and the caller message immediately dispatched by email containing the callers Voice message in a small Wav. file and includes caller details, caller number from the network plus date, time details.

                                                   Your business will improve with extra calls

An ideal telephone answering service

The message is generally changed by the time of day/day of the week so that the caller is informed of trading hour's response times and other pertinent after hour's information.

Rate plans vary on call numbers but start from just $34.95 month for our basic business message service with included calls and time and day message rotation.

Don't have a telephone number then try a 1300 or 1800 number to give you a real national presence available Here at Verdi

 Our charges won't break the bank

All services have access to our online web-based reporting showing all traffic details and providing the provision to change areas like email addresses, phone numbers etc. As a management tool, this is an ideal service for every business.


All services can include options like, desktop SMS messaging, reminder service, online message input, call forwarding, fax to email service, whisper transfer and more.

 We have recently added service that allow dial through calling  at no chage on your Verdi service More Here

 If Phone answering is the question then Verdi business messaging is the answer

New product; through Dial for business

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