New - Virtual Dial 

Virtual dial, a service that allows a virtual office presence and disguises your calling identity

By dialing through the Verdi message service you attach the Local telephone number associated with your Verdi service to be displayed to the called party.
This will be a state based code 02/ 03/ 07 or 08  number and can be used interstate as well as intrastate.

Virtual call may be a stand alone service although it does come included with a verdi messaging product. 

                                        Virtual telephone presence

The number allocated to you can be used as a direct call number plus a number that your selected people can use to call out through, it also has full call back functionality. ‚ÄčThis allows a state based virtual presence for any business.
This can be an option in your Verdi messaging service or a stand alone feature. 

We name Virtual dial for special purpose segments like Doctor Dial , Marketing Dial, Service Dial  to identify the industry.
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