Telephone Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service

Answering service/telephone answering services and Virtual office all in one great package.


                                We answer the phone for you

The Verdi Virtual telephone answering and message service include all the office telecommunications products you need. Answering service, call forwarding, reminder calls, email, SMS and fax to email service.

You are in control

Starting at our basic level service where we use Carrier diversions to bring any calls that you don’t answer, or perhaps can’t because the lines are all tied up straight to the Verdi message service. The call is answered as you would like with your business name and any other details you may request and the caller is asked to leave a message. This message is immediately emailed to you in a small voice file and we attach the caller’s phone number and call details in the email. These details are also sent should the caller choose not to leave a message.

During a busy day and after hours

Outside of working hours we generally change the message to include your trading hours so that the caller won’t expect a reply until next working day. The set up takes just a few minutes and we provide you with a simple instruction sheet to get started.

Short-term services are available on request, of particular value is Travel Buddy Barricade for isolating calls when you are travelling overseas.

Free trial - no equipment required - never miss a call again. Packages are available for low, medium and high volume users and services start from under a dollar a day.

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