Message Broadcast

Emergency broadcast services and Emergency alert system


An all party contact medium should be a critical part of your planning and preparedness
Government and Corporate services
The Telephone broadcast service is designed using multimedia voice broadcasting coupled with IVR technology and web management that can simultaneously dial a multitude of recipients at one time.

                                      Used by Government emergency response group

The features and benefits of the Verdi Voice Message Broadcast service include:
1)      The use of strong authentication logs to protect your operation from misuse. 
2)      You build the call list to your needs with individual selection or simply download different groups for different purposes. 
3)      You build the user platform starting from just one individual, a group or perhaps all-call with optional call vetting. 
4)      Users are given step by step instructions to ensure that the call is placed and dispatched correctly with a message length up to three minutes to ensure all details are provided. SMS and email can be pre-populated to save valuable time. 
5)      Call back facilities are available for message review from any user. 
6)      Your web portal allows not only an extensive setup access but live viewing of call traffic plus post operation review.
Because the message receipt is most often critical we use a multimedia of devices to maximize the opportunity for call completion. Fixed phones, mobile phones and email addresses with SMS support provide this blanket approach. Added to this we provide a live view of message delivery and post situation review by using your web portal where a range of access information is available.

                                      You design a service to suit your needs

The set up of your service, when used commercially is loaded with user options to customize the service to your needs and to the way you want to operate. You are always in control.
Call groups can be preloaded so a simple phone call placed as per your rules goes immediately to your base. In other situations perhaps operated by an operations Centre, a members list can be quickly pasted into the service for dispatch.  See also       Disaster Broadcasting

                                     SMS broadcast services, instant action

SMS broadcast services are available for both self-use or managed group activity.
The delivery of large volumes of messages quickly and effectively can be arranged with 166 character messages sent to mobile devices at the press of a button. Pricing is available on application. Australian Government Anti-spam laws apply to all message delivery.

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Like all our products Verdi Broadcast service comes with a free trial and no long-term contract period. It is currently being used by Government, Corporations and small business in a variety of operations and ready for your use now.