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Virtual Office Services

                                           We attend your calls

Our Virtual assistant starts with the use of an Interactive voice response service (IVR) to handle your calls in the way you want. The IVR asks the caller to make choices that will deliver their call to a response that they require. As an example;

The call is answered in the company name and the caller asked to respond by:
Press 1 for sales Caller is forwarded to a sales persons fixed or mobile phone for instant action.
Press 2 for Rentals Caller is asked to leave a message that is emailed on to one or more personal .
Press 3 for Trading Hours A message is provided with all trading details. No message taken.

The response choice may be multi tiered to provide a far greater use of the Virtual assistant. An example could be when (1) for sales is selected the caller is then given a further range of choices, Press (1) for William, Press (2) for Albert press (3) for Heidi etc.

Lots of call handling options

Once selected our range of call handling options are extensive.
Call forward to fixed or mobile phones with optional both side recording. This is an ideal service during and after hours for training and management as well as empirical results on incident or complaint review.
We use message to email with optional SMS notification and to a range of email addresses. In this day of mobile Email anyone can receive calls on the move and have a copy at the office for next day activity. 
Perhaps you want a message delivery only and this can be provided with professional voice recording and long message length

                                           Web based service

 Unlike most office  services the on-call person may be changed on your web portal at any time.This is accessed from any internet point but with high level control and pass word access providing a much needed support function for after hours  call services.
Your Virtual office service comes with a feature set that leaves most message services far behind.

Call Escalation when the message response is critical.
Store your important contacts, include reminder calls, whisper transfer, call recording, message numbering, full web review and live changes to  provide  full control over your activities.
Divert your calls to Verdi or use one of our state based local or 1300, 1800 numbers for voice and fax services. Numbers available at requests and services are generally operational within the day.
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