Many people wonder how the NBN will affect message services when similar products may be available in the purchased product.

The National broadband network comes in many different options and those options offer an opportunity to chose what you want in a service.

The NBN at its core is strictly a highspeed broadband network, delivering internet services across Australia.

Under the old model, we had telephone lines that could be split to add internet. 

With the new model, we have internet that can also combine Voice traffic. The main difference is that now the data takes precedence over voice.

Every Australian will need to use the NBN network for voice traffic, the old copper wire system is being used to carry the NBN network.

That is why when NBN comes to your area you are compelled to change over. The simple reason is the lines as we knew them have disappeared.

With home phones you simply buy a package from a carrier, usually obtain a new modem, plug your phone and computer in and you are working.
With a business, it depends on your phone system.
Basically, you connect by Internet connection if your phone is capable (usually covers new installs over the past couple of years)  or what is titled SIP connections using adaptors.
A third way is to use someone else's phone system by way of a hosted system. You connect handsets at your premises via the internet to a big shared system in the cloud. This is the way of the future, in my opinion, and should be looked at for all new connections. Particularly where your phone system is old.

Verdi business messaging works equally as well with any system as normal forwarding options are still available.          

The Verdi service offers a professional edge over any other method of messaging because of the variety of choice. 

At Verdi we do advise on the NBN Australia services and provide recommendations based on our expansive knowledge of the industry.

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Peter Hanley