Wealthy  affiliate

Web sites are the backbone of every company but just how much do you know or understand about them. Yes it's a whole new language and one hell of a lot to learn but just leaving it to the experts is not good enough. Yes! I had my site professional done  by Wohola but under the guidelines that I provided  and wanted the face of Verdi to be as good as it can be. Only by learning about websites was I able to communicate what I wanted  and what was necessary to meet my needs.
One place where all the knowledge comes together is with Wealthy Affiliate  a site set up that has free entry that provides access to most things before you decide an upgrade is the go . One spectacular idea is the question forum where you can ask any question and the members will help you achieve what you want. They throw in a free website so you can learn to build your own Wealthy Affiliate 
site  or any site you wish. This is well worth signing up for to help your technical skills.  Peter H 21-5-2015