What do we do at Verd1

How a book changed our View of business and what we do at Verdi

I was reading a book the other day on Business. I like to get new ideas and ways to better market for myself and to share. The book by Michael e Gerber is entitled the E. Myth revisited.

E is for the entrepreneur or business person just like you.
This is a great book and contains some ideas we can all take into business.

You can read about the book here.

In the book, Michael asks what business are you in and I went back to my standard stock answer,
    "I have a message service for business"   
Seemed reasonable to me because it explained basically what we do. In his reasoning, however, I am describing a product of the business. 
A good point because that is what it is. Just one of our many products.
After a lot of soul searching I came up with what I think is appropriate

     Peace of mind in telephone services.

We ensure that the business owner is aware of what goes on with all calls.
The staff have stress taken out of the equation because they Know they have back up.
 Customer calls never ring out or not get answered.
The one small monthly price ensures that this is available for any business on NBN or still on the older system.

The reason we provide a free trial mostly stems from allowing a business to get an understanding of the call volume they will experience. A fact that they are completely unaware of.
We don't know when we miss calls, that is a fact.

You can get a free trial at Verdi by clicking here