Best message service

The best answering service.


An answering service may come in many varieties and each has its own list
of benefits to the consumer but generally only one is the correct answer.


First of all, I have worked in answering services for about 30 years and have developed
a very good understanding of what works for you.


It starts with taking your call from your business and delivering it elsewhere.

Most telephone carriers allow this on immediate, no answer, or line busy diversion.


If you are wanting to arrange messaging in-house many use a basic answering machine or
as technology has advanced a range of localised message banks.


Customers can buy a domestic answering machine for their business but the limitations
are many, the delivery amateur and the recording subject to failure. That's if the messages are listened to by the staff.


We then lead you to two choices, the option of a live service rather an actual person answering the call for you or to a professional produced message to answer the call.


Live answering


You will use live for things like order taking or when a question approach is necessary.

You should always take into account that the person is reading from a screen detail
of your business so you will get some good some bad operators.
No one conducts business like you or your selected staff so use the message service to complete this.


One real downfall of this type of service is answering in a timely manner. Since they use many lines
incoming calls may be plentiful yet it depends solely on operator numbers. Call queuing results when there are more calls than operators and your call may be left in limbo for 5-10-15 minutes as the queue drops.


Live services have a cost premium purely because of wages paid and this must also be balanced against

benefits gained. Work on about $2.50 a call.
Many people use a live service due to a false belief in the fact they will represent your company as you do but the answering person has a very narrow view of your business.


Virtual services


A professional virtual operator message service provides another alternative.

A great voice announces your company and asks the caller to leave a message. That message is emailed to you to handle the call.

The message is changed for the time of day even day of week, plus you may use several email addresses.

Many use an auto attended type service where the caller is asked to press say, 1 for sales and 2 for accounting. Each selection is handled in different ways as directed by you.


There is no call queuing, there are no mistakes in names or numbers and the delivery is consistent
to your company image and furthermore the cost is less than $0.60 a call


In Conclusion


When you balance cost, function and results if a virtual service delivers results it is the way to go.



Peter Hanley


I operate a virtual service that crosses to live when required. A great solution