How Verdi solved a client problem

How Verdi solved a problem in selling a business
A local Perth business traded with two distinct styles under the one telephone number.
Having both a window hardware business and a coating side worked well when they were in the same office operating over many years.
The opportunity presented to sell one side of the business and a deal was negotiated with a willing buyer. The deal breaker was in who owned the telephone number, a number that accessed both business units.
Telstra and others presented no real cost effective solution so they approached Verdi Business messaging a company that had supplied back up message services for some years.
The solution

Verdi set up a fixed line diversion on all calls and provided a front end that answered as both company names and provided the following choice;
Press 1 for company Window.
Press 2 for company Laminate.
When the selection was pressed the calls were delivered immediately  to the appropriate company to answer live.
Both companies have access to the website for monitoring and reviewing traffic flow.
The cost of the calls, a local call forward was borne by the seller and amortised into the price and a 12 months period was extended for the new company to change the number.
Other Advantages

No telephone calls would go un-answered as Verdi multi line capacity would pick up numerous calls at a time. Company one retained the Verdi service as a back up so that they did not require extra telephone lines to handle the traffic. Company two also used a back up service to ensure call capture in overflow and no answer.

Both buyer and seller comfortable that all call traffic is delivered properly, without interference and immediate and the sale went to a successful conclusion