Real Estate

                            Real Estate Office Version
This is a special offer for selected Real Estate Groups that will
*Enhance the sales environment,
*Back up and support staff
*Provide full management review.
                          Management reports at call
We are an overflow and after hours virtual message service that will handle telephone call traffic when the office is un-manned or perhaps just to busy to take the calls at that time.
                        Never miss a call
Proven in the Real estate industry over several years we provide several options in call handling to suit the very basic to a most advanced level of requirement at a price level to meet even the tightest of budgets.
                       Proven in the real estate industry
All services use carrier diversions to a local number on no answer (8 rings or 20 seconds) or on busy line situation. Set it and leave it. All services have full web access to your own portal (by secure log in) to view call activity live or for post review recall. This is a great management tool.
Basic option
The call is answered as Your Company Name and the caller is invited to leave a message.
This voice message, with attached call details, date, time, caller ID, is immediately forwarded by email to one or more recipients for action. The message can be changed by time of day, day of week to reflect things like trading hour’s special events etc. Pricing starts at just $34.95 month depending on call volume.
                           Low price, high value
Menu option
The call is answered as Your Real Estate and the caller is invited to choose from the following options.
  • Press 1 for Sales (or perhaps a name)   call forward to a mobile phone
  • Press 2 for Rentals                                            message taken and email sent
  • Press 3 for Admin and accounts                        message taken and email sent
With each menu selection you have a range of operating options:
Tiered groups  -  Press 1 for sales “thank you ‘now choose
  • 1 for William
  • 2 for Amanda
Hybrid offer allows basic service during the day and Virtual office after hours
                    Virtual office at all or selected hours
From here callers can be directed to a mobile with bounce back for message service or go to Mobile message bank if not answered. Emailed messages can go to a different email addresses, office, mobile or home. Emails may also include an SMS prompt to alert the user of a message. Call in message review is available to all users and web based review to those that possess the necessary pass codes. I think that covers just about every possible dynamic.
What we set out to achieve includes:
  • Ensure that EVERY call to Your Real Estate office is attended. No lost opportunities.
  • Provide staff support during peak hour call periods or even management support through absentee times with reduced stress during peak and pressure situations.
  • Provide a customer service with 24/7 contact option..
  • Allow management review with web based reporting .This may extend to corporate involvement for benchmarking or coaching opportunities.     
Can’t get better than that!

                Free trial for your office
Free trial, that’s, it we charge nothing for two weeks to make sure it really works for the outlet, we set up the service, do the voice over with a nice female voice and report on the activity and make a recommendation to go forward on a monthly plan. (No term contracts unless the user requests it.)
                The salesperson advantage
Advertising is expensive and you certainly don’t want your leads being passed around an office or worse still, forgotten until it is too late.
Bu using a Verdi telephone number in your advertising (Local state based number) all calls can be delivered to your mobile or a message service or both.
Whilst  you sit in a home open your office is still open and delivering calls to you that
you decide to take now or leave to a later time depending on what you want at that time.

So that’s it, no more finished, oops forgot
Email to Fax service and Fax to Email, 1300/1800 numbers with the ultimate call tracking package, local numbers for direct advertising, broadcast service and a marketing idea that will make Your office the most popular in town.
Kindest regards,
Peter Hanley
Managing Director
Verdi Business Messaging – a trading name of Select Consulting Pty Ltd
1800 116 116